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Lalitha Shetty,”I met God after coming to this place.”

appreciation 4Ramesh Shetty who was diagnosed with carcinoma of the tongue was brought to the facility by his family when he could no longer eat or drink. It had been more than a week since he had had food and was having excruciating pain. After he was started on Morphine, he was able to take liquids orally. His comfort level increased remarkably. His wife Lalitha who had been to many hospitals, temples and other places in search of an answer and for cure in the last 6 months of his illness, exclaimed:  “I met God after coming to this place. I have not seen such caring nurses and staff at any other hospital. It was heartening to see the staff interact with us as if we were family. I will never forget how you made my husband feel till I die.”

This family hailed from an impoverished rural village about 16 kilometers from Mangalore and did not have much to contribute. Mr. Shetty died a pain-free, peaceful death after a stay of about 18 days at the facility. Every other month, this kind-hearted woman makes it a point to send some vegetables from her garden and 8-10 kilograms of rice to the facility. “I don’t have money to give but please accept this as a token of my gratitude.” she says.

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This entry was posted on October 4, 2012 by in Letters and Testimonials.

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