Ave Maria Palliative Care

Mangalore's first standalone Palliative Care Unit/Hospice

How can you help ?


How can you help ?

As a volunteer : In order to realize our goal of providing best possible care with limited resources, we need volunteers with a wide range of talents and abilities. If you reside in Mangalore and would like to volunteer your time and talent, please contact us.


  • If you have good listening skills and have compassion for the sick,
  • If you are a professional (Physician/Nurse/Social worker/Physiotherapist/Massage therapist, etc) and would like to volunteer your time and expertise;
  • If you have gardening, reception, maintenance, recreational, or fund-raising skills.

As a donor : If you cannot spare the time, you can also help us by donating to Ave Maria Palliative Care
* make a one-time donation to commemorate birthdays, anniversaries or other special occasions
* make a monthly/annual contribution

To know more about how to donate to Ave Maria Palliative Care, please click here to go to our DONATE TO HELP page

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Counting off the days

The 1st Annual Helping Hands EveningDecember 15, 2012
Join us tonight at The Helping Hands Evening

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