Ave Maria Palliative Care

Mangalore's first standalone Palliative Care Unit/Hospice

Ave Maria Palliative Care – Our Mission and Objectives

Our Mission

Ave Maria Palliative Care has a mission of providing compassionate, holistic care to patients suffering from life-limiting conditions and offering emotional, spiritual, and social support necessary to families and other caregivers. It is our strong conviction that human beings deserve respect and dignity until their last breath.

Short-term Objectives

  • To provide compassionate, holistic care to patients in the advanced stages of life-threatening illnesses.
  • Provide short-term residential training for familial and community based caregivers so that they acquire the competencies required to provide quality care to patients in their own homes.
  • Enhance community awareness on issues pertaining to life-limiting diseases such as Cancer and promote health and wellness.

Long-term Objectives

  • Establish a mobile unit with competent professionals to address the needs of terminally ill (home as well as institution-based) registered with the Palliative care unit.
  • Develop international exchange programs including internships for nursing, medical, social work and pastoral care students.
  • Develop a certificate program in palliative care and offer other professional training programs on end-of-life care.

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